The upcoming HCT Expo is produced by Lincoln Healthcare Leadership - the same team that brought you several other conferences including Home Care 100, Senior Living 100, and HI2.

In the recent episode of the Home Health 360 podcast, Tim Craig, VP of Education at Lincoln Healthcare Leadership, spoke about HCT Expo and shared his thoughts on the current state – and the future – of the home care sector.


Why It's Important to Attend HCT Expo

Tim Craig explained the importance of home care tech today. When you are in the home care world, technology finds its way into every conversation. It can be technology from a SaaS perspective, or it can be technology from a consumer perspective. 

HCT Expo is more focused on a B2B perspective, the technology that will enhance the delivery of care for a home care professional. The most obvious elements are telehealth and remote patient monitoring.

But along with those, there are all sorts of technology enhancements - for instance, integrating Alexa into your care plan and apps that facilitate wound management. 

"Home care tech is broad and wide and it's exciting. And we're going after it in full force because we really believe that the convergence of technology and home care is a symbiotic relationship. One feeds the other and technology is going to be the thing that ultimately will put home care into a whole other world in terms of its ability to serve a greater population seamlessly", said Tim Craig.


Home Care Today and Tomorrow

Tim Craig also shared his thoughts on the main challenges that the home care sector faces today. The most glaring one is staff shortage. It affects virtually every home care and senior living company. To solve this issue, a joint effort of caregivers and legislators will be needed.

The face of home care and senior living is changing quickly, and the opportunities that open today were unimaginable only a few years ago. Personal care is the new buzzword.

Tim Craig continues to outline the future of home care…

"I think it's really fascinating to see what has happened in the last couple of years when skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities were facing tremendous pressure.

Not only did adult children not wanna place their parents in those facilities, but in many respects, they were taking them out of those facilities. And then they asked themselves, what is my option? What is my alternative?

And there was a coming of age of the personal care business because people came to realize, wow, you know, I could have someone come into my home and do those services.”

Another factor that is already providing a strong impact is the new acute care in the home model rolled out by CMS.

"Now there's a real hospital at home, not just sort of a one-off at Mount Sinai or Johns Hopkins, but there are dozens and dozens of them", remarks Craig.


Not Only HCT

Listen to the episode of the Home Health 360 podcast to learn more about other conferences produced by Lincoln Healthcare Leadership. Tim Craig explains how they pioneered the space of home care professional conferences and set the standard for such events.


About Home Health 360 Podcast and AlayaCare

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AlayaCare is is a provider of revolutionary cloud-based home health care software. Their end-to-end solution spans clinical documentation, back-office functionality, client and family portals, and mobile care worker functionality.

Meet AlayaCare and other home care and senior living tech leaders at HCT Expo on September 6-8, 2022 at Gaylord National Harbor, MD.